Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at PigEasy is "easy is better." We believe simple changes to your operation can make huge impacts on production, efficiency and costs. As pork producers ourselves, we have personally tested and continue to use each of the solutions we offer. We design our products to be high quality, easy to use and easy to install. Our involvement in your successful use of our products does not end with the sale. We pride ourselves on customer support and superior personal service.

Our Story

Dave Klocke

Just as it is with our farming operation, PigEasy is a family affair. Dave and Karen Klocke, along with children Ben and Katie, are working operators of PigEasy. You may even see children Mary and Ross and son-in-laws Clint and Nick at various trade shows and company events. Although PigEasy, LLC was officially launched at the 2013 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, the story behind the company begins much earlier than that.

Dave grew up on the heels of his father, learning not to take the conventional route to farming or life in general. It was when Dave's father passed away in the early 80s that Dave left college to return to the family farm. Not long after, he married Karen and four free laborers (aka kids) followed suit.

It was during the 80s farm crisis that Dave saw their current operation, raising purebred swine breeding stock, was not the direction the industry was heading. So in 1993, the Klocke family built a 1200 sow contract farrow farm which was converted to a 2700 farrow to wean in 1998. Six years later, the Klocke family purchased the herd and became independent producers.

While Dave has always been driven by the idea of finding "an easier way", it wasn't until 2003 that he started selling his innovations. After realizing the breeding process was taking too long and affecting the born alive rate of the litters at the end of the breeding row, Dave developed the AI Saddle. The AI Saddle has become an industry leader in artificial insemination apparatuses.

Almost a decade later, Dave had another epiphany at a regional pork conference. One of the sessions discussed how important feed intake was to achieve maximum born alive for gilts and how their first litter size affects their litters thereafter. It struck a chord with Dave, as he was frustrated with getting gilts on feed after bringing them in from isolation. The wheels started turning and sleepless nights ensued, eventually leading to the development of what is now called the MealMeter.

The innovative thinking behind the MealMeter brought forth two additional products, the PipePik and the SnoutSpout. We are proud to be able to offer a complete line of products that support our philosophy and look forward to continue finding ways to improve the ease of operations all over the world.