AI Saddle Overview

AI Saddle - PigEasy
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The industry leading AI Saddle (AI Plus) is the easy and effective approach to the artificial insemination process. The sleek and indestructible design holds the bottles or bags in place to be completely emptied and also puts pressure on the sow allowing technicians a hands-free method to breeding multiple sows at one time. By speeding up the AI process, the last sows to be bred in the row are much less likely to enter the refractory period before being serviced.

Features & Benefits

  • One piece injection molded
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stackable for easy storage and movement
  • Snug fit and securely stays by design on sows of all sizes
  • Slips on and removes with ease
  • Heavy duty strapping
  • Cradles both semen bags and bottles