Farrowing Crate Overview

Farrowing Crate - PigEasy
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Every detail of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate has been developed for maximum worker convenience and ample sow comfort while working seamlessly with the PigEasy Feed System. When not in use, the Lactation Feeder can be flipped and hung for quick and complete wash out. A simple and intuitive latch system provides easy access to the sow and pigs, while rump guard bars adjust for smaller sows and protect against startling noises, ensuring a safe and quiet environment for both sow and litter.

Features & Benefits

  • Rattle-Free
    • This farrowing crate’s original design diminishes rattling noises when each sow gets up or down, keeping other sows and pigs calm and comfortable
  • Loop Finger Bars
    • Easy teat access and excellent pig protection – more animal welfare friendly
  • Multi-directional Head and Rear Gates
    • Crates can be set up so you can choose which side you’d like the front and rear gates open
  • Flip Over Feeder Design
    • The innovative “flip over design” allows you to hang your feeder from upside down on the head gate for easy and complete cleaning.. No longer do you have to walk around feeders on the floor or deal with the nuisance of water spraying back at you. The flip over feature allows all the cleaning solution and water to completely dump out when power washing without needing to re-flip to wash the other side
  • European Side Panel Design
    • Maximum accessibility to the rear of the sow and pigs
  • Adjustable Rump Guard Bars
    • Rump Guard Bars offer two adjustments for gilts or sows
  • Heavy Duty
    • The front and back portion of the PigEasy Farrowing Crate are constructed of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability in the area where most corrosion occurs
    • The side panels of the crate are constructed of powder coated steel for strength and affordability
  • Quick Latch System
    • Allows for quick access to sow without the hassle of pins
    • Quick Latch system allows you to shut the gate with one hand